Zync Z1000 review: Massive telephony tablet

Zync Z1000 review: Massive telephony tablet


Indian market has a large number of tablets, while the international brands have a quite handful number of products, the domestic brands provide a wide variety of tablets. Interestingly, all these tablets by Indian brands are bundled with enormous number of features to satisfy the consumer need in a lower price tag than any OEMs manufactured tablets. These days Indian brands are even have some demand in the developed countries as well due to a large feature list in a budget price tag. Such an Indian brand’s tablet we are having with us, the concern is known as Zync and there are a wide range of Android based smartphones and tablets available in the market within this branding. We are having Zync Z1000, the tablet already available with the budget-friendly price tag and it is the most popular tablet with the voice calling support. So without saying much about the Z1000, let’s start the action.

Zync Z1000

Zync Z1000

What’s in the box

Zync Z1000 comes in a solid-build cardboard box, the packaging is itself quite pricy and there are a bundle of goodies inside for more impression on the buyers. The Z1000 box has the tablet unit on the top compartment and rest of accessories below it. There is a standard AC charger, a USB to microUSB port, nice quality earplugs, a screen guard, a sleeve and a couple of manuals.

Zync Z1000 review

Zync Z1000 with in-box accessories

On the downside, the Z1000 tablet also has an HDMI port but there is no HDMI cable comes inside the box, also there is no USB OTG (on-the-go) cable available in the box for connecting USB devices with the tablet. Overall, the Z1000 tablet has fair number of accessories within the box to persuade the consumers. Now turn next to know the designing of Zync Z1000 tablet.

4 / 5 stars     

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