Yu YuFit review: Made to make you fit

Yu YuFit review: Made to make you fit


4 out of 5
4.5 out of 5
4 out of 5
Battery Backup
4 out of 5
5 out of 5
Value for Money


4.3 out of 5


  • Pros:

    OLED display panel
    Real-time notification alerts
    Cross-platform compatibility
    Minimal design
    Lightweight built

  • Cons:

    Less accurate
    Low-range Bluetooth antenna

  • Conclusion:

    The Yu YuFit band is one of the most affordable solutions to provide fitness tracking results on the go. Moreover, the presence of an OLED display on the band, as well as HealthifyMe app integration make it an even better option against the Xiaomi Mi Band.

Fitness tracking wearables are getting popular these days. The market was initially developed by companies like FitBit and Nike, but some emerging smartphone makers have just entered into this new space to start offering their innovations. Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi brought the Mi Band as its first fitness tracking band last year. This debuted in the market as the most affordable fitness tracking wristband. But Indian competitor Yu Televentures launched the Yu YuFit band in May that comes under the same Rs. 1,000 price bracket to take on the Mi Band. The YuFit additionally features an OLED display that becomes a major reason to let customers purchase this new fitness tracking band against the Mi Band. We started using the YuFit following its launch in India. So here is our in-depth review.

Yu YuFit

Yu YuFit

What’s in the Box

The Yu YuFit comes with a price tag of Rs. 999. At this price, one cannot expect much from the company, but the device comes bundled with all the necessary in-box content.

Yu YuFit review

Yu YuFit with in-box content

There is a YuFit activity tracker, silicone wristband, USB charger and a quick start guide. These in-box content are also making the YuFit a strong competitor against the Xiaomi Mi Band.

Watch Yu YuFit unboxing video:


The Yu YuFit has a minimal design that is quite identical to the Xiaomi Mi Band. It comes in a wristband form factor and has an activity tracker that features an OLED display. The company has not revealed any details about which material it used for the wristband, though it appears to be a high-grade silicone material.

The activity tracker of the YuFit is a bit large in size compared to what of the Mi Band. This certainly means that you cannot use the activity tracker of the YuFit in any of the accessories that are designed for the Mi Band. There is an OLED display on the top of the tracker that provides all real-time notifications in a handy way. Unlike some smartwatches, the display panel of the YuFit is not protected by a scratch-resistant glass and has a plastic covering on top that is quite prone to scratches. Besides, the activity tracker has two pogo pins for charging purposes and features a touch-sensitive smart key to let users navigate across some preset options.

Yu YuFit

Yu YuFit with OLED display-featuring activity tracker

The YuFit’s wristband, on the other hand, almost same as that of the Mi Band. It comes only in black color option, and has an aluminium clip to let users comfortably adjust its size according to their wrist. The company so far does not have any plan to launch more wristband options with the YuFit or even in some different color variants.


YuFit with flexible, silicone wristband

Overall, the design of the YuFit makes it a comfortable fitness tracking wristband, just in line of the Xiaomi Mi Band. It is claimed to be a water-resistant device but the company has not yet specified any IP certification.

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  • PS_TechGeek

    You got the story out on time. But looks like no one was able to buy the product.

    Amazon $cr3wed up the flash sale and wasted their customer’s couple of hours.
    Good or Bad, they say that any kind of publicity is good. I hope it turns out true for Yu Fit.

    The product’s question and answer page is filled with complaints-
    They have left a lot of customers disappointed and angry.

    • We read the comments. It’s not good for any company to disappoint its customers. We’ll get in touch with Yu Televentures on this and provide an update thereafter.

    • We read the comments. It’s not good for a company to disappoint its customers.