YouTube now with blurring tool to let you blur any sensitive object in your video

YouTube now with blurring tool to let you blur any sensitive object in your video

YouTube has brought a Custom Blurring tool to let you completely blur any sensitive object in your video. The new addition comes as an extension to the face blur tool that the Google-owned video streaming service introduced in 2012.

Similar to the blur mask on some premium video editing apps, YouTube’s Custom Blurring tool allows you to blur a static or a moving object in your video. It is quite useful if you want to hide a license plate or cover up a wardrobe malfunction in your existing video.

“While the use cases for this tool are vast, we built this feature with visual anonymity in mind,” says Amanda Conway, YouTube Privacy Lead, in a blog post. “We wanted to give you an easy way to blur things like people, contact information or financial data without having to remove and re-upload your content.”

To blur, you need to select Custom Blurring tool within the Blurring Effects tab in Enhancements tools and the then draw a box around the object that you want to blur.

YouTube custom blurring tool

YouTube with Custom Blurring tool

The tool will automatically add a blur mask on the same object as it moves throughout the video using a proprietary technology, which is being used to analyse motion in a video content. However, you can also use a ‘Lock’ option to blur an object that doesn’t move in your footage.

If you want to make some changes, YouTube allows you to move the blurred area, resize it or even to choose when the blur starts and stops in your video. You can either save the changes after making the necessary edits as a part of the same video or save it as a new copy. This means that once you’ve blurred the sensitive object, you can delete the original video from the YouTube server.

The addition of the new blurring tool is aimed to encourage YouTube Creators to upload more of their creative videos. At the same time, it reduces the burden of editing through professional softwares such as Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premier Pro.

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