YouTube apparently introduce paid subscriptions for channels soon

YouTube apparently introduce paid subscriptions for channels soon

YouTube is the most popular video streaming network and the major reason behind the popularity of the network is the free availability of vast collection of videos. But soon Google going to make the video streaming website a source of income to the producers and advertisers, moving the same direction, in the coming months YouTube will make an option of paid subscriptions for individual channels.


YouTube will soon introduce paid subscriptions for channels

According to a recent report by AdAge, YouTube has also reached out with a number of channel producers, regarding paid subscriptions an even asked them to submit applications for creating channels that users would have to pay to access. It is expected that initially, the first paid channels will cost between $1 to $5 a month. Additionally the report also suggests that charges on content libraries and pay-per-view will also be charged by the video streaming network.

In the same way, YouTube is also expected to introduce the first paid channels anytime during the second quarter of the present year. Furthermore, it is also expected that the first paid channel list would be publicly out at the Digital Content New Fronts event in late April, where digital-media companies such as YouTube, AOL and Yahoo host advertisers for presentations announcing new online-video series.

Of course, the paid channel programme is initially an experiment for YouTube, so it is reckoned that the video streaming portal will initially announce a small group of channels with about 25 channels. The revenue split from such subscriptions is expected to be similar to the 45-55 split that is common for ads on YouTube. So are you ready to pay for watching contents on YouTube?

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