Yahoo to shut down products including Avatar, BlackBerry app on April 1st

Yahoo to shut down products including Avatar, BlackBerry app on April 1st

Yahoo Incorporation officially announces the shutting down of seven major products on April 1st to sharpen their focus on future products. The concern will shut down the operations of renowned products include Yahoo Avatar, Yahoo app for BlackBerry, Yahoo Clues (beta), Yahoo App Search, Yahoo Sports IQ and Yahoo Message Boards website. After a deep deliberation, the concern is also going to shut down Yahoo Updates API on April 16th, which means no more developers will work on the platform interface to develop new apps.

Yahoo shuts down products

Yahoo shuts down seven products to focus on future products

On announcing the shutting down of seven major products, Jay Rossiter, Yahoo’s executive vice president of Platforms said;

“At Yahoo!, we’re focused on making your daily habits more inspiring and entertaining. This means that we’re constantly reviewing and iterating on our products and experiences. In some cases, it means updating our products like we’ve done recently with our new welcome to Yahoo!, Flickr for iPhone and iPod Touch and Yahoo! Mail. In other cases, after much thought and deliberation, we decide to shut down some products. Before making these decisions, we look at a variety of factors. The most critical question we ask is whether the experience is truly a daily habit that still resonates for all of you today.”

Yahoo Avatar is one of the popular product of a Yahoo profile, if anyone has an account on Yahoo then the one must be known of the avatars. People can edit, remake and upload their avatars on the several Yahoo products. But now Yahoo is going to shut down the service, however, to continue using an avatar, user have to visit Avatars download page, pick a picture size and format, and click the appropriate download button. Once the avatar is downloaded, user have to visit Yahoo Profile to set the downloaded avatar onto the profile. On the other side, Yahoo will no longer support the Avatars YQL table as well.

Yahoo has also announced the shutting down of app for BlackBerry platform, existing users can continue use the app on their BlackBerry smartphones but the Yahoo developers will not support the app from April 1st. The app will not be available for download from 1st of April, 2013.

As the Message Boards website will also be a part of shutting down operation, users will no longer able to use the message boards on the website. But the message boards on other services including Yahoo Finance and Yahoo Fantasy Sports will remain active. Users are suggested to alternatively ask questions on Yahoo Answers and discuss issues in the comments section on Yahoo! News.

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