Yahoo Mail apps update with new features

Yahoo Mail apps update with new features

Yahoo has introduced some new features to advance your working experience with Yahoo Mail on Android and iOS. There is an all-new look as well as a whole directory to ease your mailing on the go.

For iOS devices, Yahoo has brought some of the favourite features of its desktop mail client. There is Link Preview that emerges as a visual, informative card to provide the recipient with a snapshot of what the email contains. You can also decide the position of the enhanced preview card such as in the middle of your email or at the end of a footnote. An enhanced link can also be shared on Facebook and Twitter.

In addition to the Link Preview, Yahoo has introduced stationery themes in the Yahoo Mobile app. You can customise your emails by simply tapping on the company assist button (+), selecting the stationery icon and then choosing from a wide range of stationery designs such as Floral and Happy Birthday themes.

Yahoo Mail for iOS

Yahoo Mail for iOS with stationery designs

The updated Yahoo Mail app for iOS also has a share button that allows you to share content with just a single tap. An email will get started containing the content you are sharing be it a picture, video or link from a web page.

On Android, Yahoo brings to you a directory where you can look for all the people you have had conversations with. Go to the ‘People’ Smart View (in the sidebar) and then choose ‘see all contacts’. A list containing all your contacts will be displayed which you can browse and edit too. You can also view the details of your contacts by clicking their picture in the inbox.

Yahoo Mail for Android

Yahoo Mail for Android with new directory

The updated Yahoo Mail app for Android now allows you to sync your Yahoo Address Book contacts and your Android device’s contacts. This option will be off by default but can be turned on directly through your Android device’s sync setting.

Yahoo has additionally provided an open beta feature that offers an interesting zone for users who want to try out new features and experiment with them before other users.

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