Yahoo Aviate intelligent homescreen launcher now available for Android

Yahoo Aviate intelligent homescreen launcher now available for Android

Yahoo Aviate intelligent homescreen launcher is now available for Android. Earlier this year, Yahoo Inc acquired Aviate and soon thereafter introduced Aviate launcher in its beta stage.

Yahoo Aviate launcher for Android

Yahoo Aviate now available for Android

Yahoo Aviate, as the company claims, is not similar to any usual launcher app and thus designed to give intelligent mobile experience to its end-users. This means that the launcher provides access to apps and information after recognising user preferences.

The launcher itself alerts users if the local weather is different from yesterday, sends email to everyone if required and even estimates commute time by taking traffic into consideration.

Aviate team has designed the launcher to adjust information displayed according to time of day and calendar appointments. The launcher also brings most popular contacts into a list of “Favorites” to provide an easy access to the favourite contacts.

In addition, there is “track your sleep” feature which gives one-swipe access to daily habits like alarm clock, weather, day’s calendar and a twice-daily news summary right on the screen.

On announcing the launch of Yahoo Aviate, Mark Daiss, Product Manager, Yahoo, said:

“Yahoo Aviate simplifies everything about your phone. It starts with a clean, new layout and apps automatically organized for you. But it’s not just about making your phone simpler – Aviate also makes your phone smarter by offering intelligent information throughout your day. Whether you’re on the go, at work, at a restaurant or just relaxing at home, Aviate automatically shows you apps and information that are useful to you based on what you’re up to.”

Yahoo Aviate is compatible with the devices running on Android 4.0, however, Samsung Galaxy users are recommended to upgrade their devices to Android 4.3 before installing the app. Users can download the launcher for free from Google Play Store.

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