Yahoo acquires social web browser RockMelt, apps go off from August 31

Yahoo Inc acquired social web browser concern RockMelt. As a result, RockMelt apps and existing web services will go off from August 31. However, Yahoo has not disclosed the aim of acquisition but it is quite presumable that soon some new discoveries will be found in mobile and social network avenues by the online giant.

Yahoo acquired social web browser concern RockMelt

On the acquisition, Yahoo team states in blog post;

“The parallels between Yahoo! and Rockmelt are obvious: we share a common goal to help people discover the best personalized content from around the web.”

RockMelt debut in the web world as a social web browser, in 2010. The web browser was developed by Tim Howes and Eric Vishria, which was based on the Google Chromium project. The web browser gained popularity due to its unique integrated social networking features, including Facebook chat and Twitter notifications. In early 2013, the company discontinued the browser due to facing tough competition from several big players including Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox and team members behind the screen started focusing towards mobile services.

Due to the acquisition, RockMelt has announced that all the existing user data available across the company’s services will be exported as bookmarks and feeds will be transferred to OPML file. Furthermore, all the apps and web services offered by RockMelt will go off from August 31.

Though both the companies have not officially revealed any detail on the part of acquisition payments, Reuters reported that the deal is expected between $50 million and $80 million. As per the deal, 32 RockMelt employees will be now a part of Yahoo team where the company’s CEO Eric Vishria will become Vice President of products for Yahoo’s media properties and RockMelt CTO Tim Howes will become Vice President of engineering for Yahoo’s mobile products, the news agency reports.