Xiaomi Mi4 review: The Chinese Beast

Xiaomi Mi4 review: The Chinese Beast


4.5 out of 5
4.5 out of 5
4 out of 5
Battery backup
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
Value for money


4.2 out of 5


  • Pros:

    Premium design
    Decent display
    High-end specifications
    MIUI interface
    Infrared (IR) blaster

  • Cons:

    Limited storage
    Heats-up a bit
    Scratch-prone built
    Steeper than homegrown competitors

  • Conclusion:

    Xiaomi Mi4 is one of the great offerings in the smartphone market if one is looking for a high-end smartphone under mid-range segment. However, its homegrown competitors such as the OnePlus One and Huawei Honor 6 could grab some customer attention due to more or less same specifications and similar price tags.


In the fast growing market of smartphones in India, Xiaomi entered last year with launching the Mi3 flagship smartphone. The smartphone was quite being praised by reviewers as well as users because its high-end specifications and affordable price. The company has now launched its successor in the market, called the Mi4, that has an all-new design, upgraded list of specifications and a new price tag. Unlike the Mi3, Xiaomi Mi4 nowhere stands in the race of most affordable smartphones as its price tag is just in line of highly popular Chinese offerings like the OnePlus One and Huawei Honor 6 and steeper than the iPhone 4s and newly launched range of mid-range smartphones by HTC and Samsung. We were testing the Mi4 a few days after its launch in the Indian market so here is our in-depth review.

Xiaomi Mi4 review

Xiaomi Mi4

What’s in the Box

Xiaomi Mi4 packs in an eco-friendly box that has the same design and is made of the same recycled paper material that we got with the Mi3. Unboxing the box shows the Mi4 unit on top and a few things underneath, including an AC charger, data cable, SIM eject tool and a user manual. The company maintained its cost by excluding a headset from the retail box. However, the available in-box content are made of decent quality material.

Xiaomi Mi4

Xiaomi Mi4 with in-box content

Watch Xiaomi Mi4 unboxing video:


Xiaomi is undoubtedly taking on the competition with its affordable yet solid-built devices. However, the Mi4 is not an affordable offering by the company, but its design is as premium as any of the widely selling high-end smartphones. Some people even allege that the Chinese company copied Apple while designing the Mi4, although it has neither been officially acknowledged or admitted that in a straight way.

At first glance, the design of the Mi4 certainly reminds the iPhone 5s with a similar kind of design and brushed steel frame. Xiaomi claims that transforming raw steel into the built of the Mi4 involves 40 steps and 193 processes. The major processes, including metal forging, CNC milling, sand blasting and laser cutting, make the overall design quite premium and sophisticated.

The front panel of the Mi4 has an IPS display panel with minimal bezels on its left and right. There is a Mi logo on the top left side and an earpiece, ambient and proximity sensors and a secondary camera sensor are available on its right. The space below the display panel is occupied by three backlit capacitive keys – menu, home and back – and there is a multi-colored LED notification light just after the touch-supported keys. The entire front panel has Corning Gorilla Glass protection on top with a fair amount of scratch resistance.

Xiaomi Mi4

Xiaomi Mi4 with Corning’s Gorilla Glass protection on front

On the left, there is a SIM tray that needs a SIM eject tool and supports a microSIM card.

Xiaomi Mi4

Xiaomi Mi4 with SIM card tray on left

The right side of the Mi4 has a volume rocker and a power/lock key. Both the keys are made of metal that has similar finish of the frame.

Xiaomi Mi4

Xiaomi Mi4 with volume rocker and power/lock key on right

On its bottom, the Mi4 has a microUSB port and a loudspeaker grill. A primary microphone is also hidden under the loudspeaker grill.

Xiaomi Mi4

Xiaomi Mi4 with microUSB port and loudspeaker grill on bottom

The top side of the Mi4 has a 3.5mm jack and an Infrared (IR) blaster.

Xiaomi Mi4

Xiaomi Mi4 with 3.5mm jack and Infrared blaster on top

Turning the Mi4 towards rear shows a plastic-made glossy back panel with grating pattern design, which is quite prone to scratches. The back panel is not an easy-to-remove rear panel, but can be removed through a suction cup. Although, Mi4 has some designer back panels made of wood, leather and texture materials, Xiaomi has not yet launched any of those panels in India. A primary camera sensor along with an LED flash and a secondary microphone are available on the top side of the rear while Mi’s brand is available on the bottom.

Xiaomi Mi4

Xiaomi Mi4 with grating pattern design on back

The overall design of Xiaomi Mi4 is a mix-and-match of glass, plastic and metal. This combination makes its weight close to 150 grams. The dimensions of the Mi4 are a bit lower than the Mi3, but higher than the iPhone 5s at 139.2 x 68.5 x 8.9 mm.


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