Xiaomi finally entering US, but not for offering affordable smartphones

Xiaomi finally entering US, but not for offering affordable smartphones

After getting overwhelming response in India and other Asian regions, Xiaomi is finally in plans to enter the US. The Chinese company revealed some of its major developments for the new market at a press event in San Fransisco, California.

Xiaomi’s Global Vice President Hugo Barra stated at the event that its Mi.com will soon be available in the US to sell popular devices such as headphones, power banks and its Mi Band. However, he clearly mentioned that there are no such plans or development to bring its affordable smartphones in the market.

Barra told the press that the company’s e-commerce site will be available in the US in a few months, but it will not include any of its smartphones or even tablets due to certain difficulties in localisation of the MIUI and core features of the mobile devices.

The new announcement made by Xiaomi at the press event has brought some relief for its competitors in the US market. Customers, on the other hand, are quite disappointed after hearing this news as there has been a lot of anticipation in the region for its smartphones.

Beijing-based Xiaomi expanded its business in the Asian market after entering India in July last year. The company, unlike its sales model in China, partnered with Flipkart for exclusively selling the smartphones and other devices such as headphones and power banks in the country.

Xiaomi brought almost its entire range of smartphones in the Indian market with the launch of the Mi4 in last month and is now in plans to launch the Mi Band in the coming couple of months.

As per a recent claim, Xiaomi has sold 61.1 million smartphones in the last year, of which one million were sold in India alone. Moreover, the company raised $1.1 billion in December last year that made its total valuation close to $45 billion.

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