Xbox One will soon run your favourite Windows 10 apps

Xbox One will soon run your favourite Windows 10 apps

Microsoft is on a move to make its Windows 10 bigger. And while developing some new offerings for the latest Windows version, the Redmond giant is now reportedly in plans to make its Xbox One console capable of running all your favourite Windows 10 apps.

As reported by the Business Insider, Microsoft Xbox Advanced Technology Group chief Jason Ronald at the Game Developers Conference (GDC) revealed a “journey to one platform” plan. This new development will initially enable Xbox One to run Windows 10 apps that are designed with Universal Windows Platform (UWP) approach.

Ronald mentioned that the newest Xbox game console will start running Windows 10 UWP apps by this summer, with the merge of the Xbox Store and the Windows Store.

Xbox Live Tournaments Platform

Apart from bringing Windows 10 app support to Xbox One, Microsoft is in development to enhance its Xbox Live service. This new enhancement will not just let Xbox One gamers play with their PlayStation 4 counterparts, which emerged earlier this week, but will also bring a new experience for developers to design an advanced support for Windows 10 users.

Xbox One Windows 10 apps

Xbox Live to get enhanced to offer an advanced support for Windows 10 users

Microsoft at the ongoing GDC in San Francisco announced Xbox Live Tournaments Platform to enable eSports matches between Xbox One and Windows 10 gamers. The Platform will be a helpful tool for developers and game publishers who are keen to get some focus from the fast growing Windows 10 ecosystem.

Win-win situation

Efforts on bringing Xbox One closer to Windows 10 will help Microsoft receive major consumer interest. The developments would make competition tougher for other game consoles, especially for Sony’s PlayStation 4. Also, Windows 10 would get more attention from desktop users who want a pro gaming experience on their PCs or notebooks.

All in all, Microsoft’s new moves would soon let you experience full-fledged Windows 10 right from your Xbox One as well as get a game console like offering right from your existing Windows PC.

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