This is the world’s largest flash drive by Kingston

This is the world’s largest flash drive by Kingston

To address the demand for massive data storage, Kingston has debuted at CES with its DataTraveler Ultimate GT. The new offering comes with 2TB of storage and is touted to be the world’s largest capacity flash drive.

The Kingston DataTraveler Ultimate GT has a USB 3.1 tech on a Type-A connector. It comes in a metal alloy build that resists shocks and protects your data.

Although the latest Kingston model is designed as the next-generation thumb drive, it doesn’t support newer notebooks and MacBooks due to the lack of USB-C support.

Nevertheless, the small size of the DataTraveler Ultimate GT and its large capacity make it a good alternative to external hard drives. You don’t need to carry a bulk with you to have your personal data handy. Instead, you just need to keep this tiny device in your pocket.

Kingston hasn’t revealed the price of the DataTraveler Ultimate GT. However, it announced that the device would come sometime in February 2017. The largest drive will also accompany a smaller, 1TB variant that will launched simultaneously next week.

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