Windows Phone 7.8 now rolling out for Nokia Lumia smartphones

After a long wait, Windows Phone 7.8 operating system finally getting the way to the older Nokia Lumia smartphones. While Nokia Lumia 510 comes with Windows Phone 7.8 operating system out of the box, all the Windows Phone 7.5 based Lumia series smartphones, including the Lumia 610, the Lumia 710, the Lumia 800 and the Lumia 900 are going to be updated with the Windows Phone 7.8 update.

Nokia Lumia smartphones

Windows Phone 7.8 update for Nokia Lumia smartphones live!

Windows Phone 7.8 will makes certain changes and add some new features over the older Windows Phone 7.5. Along with some system tweaks, the update also brings a bunch of new additions including Internet sharing, Bluetooth sharing and some image enhancement features as Camera Extras. Some apps will also be pre-installed with the update such as Contact Share, Play To and the renowned, Nokia City Lens.

Of course, the Windows Phone 7.8 update will also improves the tile user interface with adding an option to re-size the tiles according to the need and preference with three different size options as small, medium or large. With the Windows Phone 7.8 version, users can now even have a daily background image from Bing, right on to the lock screen. Nokia also added improved pocket and child lock screen security within the new update. Also there a wider support for languages than before so that more people can easily use the Lumia smartphones with Windows Phone 7.8 operating system.

Unlike Android and iOS, users can update their Lumia series smartphones with Windows Phone 7.8 only by connecting to PC or Mac via Zune. But users can enable notification to notify about the update on to their Nokia Lumia smartphones by going through Settings > Phone Update > ‘Notify me when new updates are found’.

Watch the video for more details on Windows Phone 7.8 update for Nokia Lumia smartphones:

The update schedule vary from region to region, so users have to wait, in case, there is no update available. If you have got the update notification or want to share your experience with the Windows Phone 7.8 operating system, write your comments below.

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