Who should buy Apple iPad Pro

Who should buy Apple iPad Pro

Apple last week unveiled the much-anticipated iPad Pro with a large display and high-end specifications. Unlike the previous iPad models, the iPad Pro is the first offering by the Cupertino giant that natively supports a stylus in the form of the $99 Apple Pencil. The new iPad model also comes with a Smart Keyboard compatibility to offer users a hybrid computing experience. All this certainly means that the iPad Pro has many advantages over the previous iPad models. But if you are planning to get the iPad Pro for your daily use, then just wait! It is specifically designed for certain groups of people not for all those who just want a large-screen iPad. Here, we are noting down all those groups and are answering in a precise manner that who should buy the Apple iPad Pro.

Apple iPad Pro

Apple iPad Pro

The Apple iPad Pro features a 12.9-inch Retina display that delivers 5.6 million pixels and is powered by the A9X chip that also featured on the iPhone 6s. Both the display and the processor are designed to deliver an enhanced graphics support out of the box. Also, there is a new multi-touch subsystem that enables simultaneous inputs from the Apple Pencil and human fingers at the same time.

Designers and Architects

No matter whether you are a costume designer, interior designer or a graphic designer or architects some buildings or places using apps like AutoCad, you can create some of your best 3D designs using the iPad Pro. Moreover, the addition of the Apple Pencil delivers an advanced designing experience that you cannot get from an iPad Air or iPad mini model. The company claims that the iPad Pro is capable of sensing signals from the Apple Pencil for about 240 times per second using the new subsystem.

Apple iPad Pro

Apple iPad Pro with Apple Pencil for enhanced drawing experience


If you are not a designer or architect but are running an enterprise where you need a reliable yet portable personal computing device, the Apple iPad Pro is perhaps the best pick for you. The iPad Pro is compatible with all the useful productivity apps like Mail, Notes, Procreate and Office 365 for iPad to let you perform most of your necessary tasks without even switching on your computer. Also, there is Smart Keyboard option that offers you a full-sized keyboard in a Smart Cover form to ease all your typing needs.


Just as other Apple devices, the iPad Pro is the among the best options for gamers. This means that if you are a fan of playing some graphic-intensive games, you could try the iPad Pro. It has the third-generation A9X chip that is enough to deliver console-class graphics. Adding to that, there is the Retina display with 2732×2048 pixels resolution and four stereo speakers to enhance your gaming experience.

Apple iPad Pro

Apple iPad Pro with A9X chip for enhanced graphics support

Music editors

It doesn’t matter whether you edit music merely for your entertainment or use your skills to entertain masses, the iPad Pro is one of the best sources for you. The iPad Pro has a large display that gives you an ease while editing music tracks, and the Apple Pencil option enables you to use its pointer to accurately work on the unedited part on your music. Further, you can use the built stereo speakers or attach some professional speaker sets to easily create some impressive new tracks.

Video producers

The Apple iPad Pro is also useful for you if you are a video producer. Unlike iPad Air or iPad mini, the iPad Pro has a more powerful hardware to offer high-resolution video editing support. You can of course, opt for iMac or MacBook Pro with Final Cut Pro if you need to produce some professional movies but the new iPad model has fairly decent hardware to deliver a high-end video production experience too. Starting from the display to processor and stereo speakers as well as the Smart Keyboard option, there are all good things for video producers.


Apart from some of its professional usages, you can pick the Apple iPad Pro if you are a student. The large-size Retina display is enough to deliver you the best reading experience and the Smart Keyboard option lets you easily type your notes. You can also use the Apple Pencil to complete some of your projects on the iPad Pro and the solid, aluminium built is sturdy enough for your day-to-day classes.

Apple iPad Pro

Apple iPad Pro with optional Smart Keyboard for an enhanced typing experience

So this is the list of people who should buy the Apple iPad Pro following its launch in November. If you are among these people, then get ready for the iPad Pro. But if not, we suggest you to pick the iPad Air 2 instead of the iPad Pro. You can also save your precious pennies and choose a decent Windows running hybrid PC.

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