WhatsApp’s voice calling feature hits 100 million calls per day

WhatsApp’s voice calling feature hits 100 million calls per day

WhatsApp has revealed that its voice calling feature now has a record of making over 100 million calls every day. The new achievement comes in just over a year of the voice calling release on Android and iOS.

The ability to make voice calls was one of the anticipated features on WhatsApp. It was finally released in last March to counter services like Microsoft’s Skype and Google’s Hangouts.

WhatsApp voice calling

WhatsApp voice calling handles 100 million calls per day

“For more than a year, people have used WhatsApp Calling to talk with friends and family around the world. It’s a great way to stay in touch, especially when connecting with people in other countries, or when messages alone won’t do,” WhatsApp team writes in a blog post.

Competitive figure

The new achievement shows that WhatsApp users are making over 1,100 calls a second. This is significant. Undoubtedly, this is significant for the Facebook-owned messaging app but also a competitive figure for Skype and Hangouts.

As technology website The Next Web reported, the new figure is enough to say that voice calls on WhatsApp have surpassed the number of daily voice calls on Skype.

Compared to 300 million active users on Skype, WhatsApp has over a billion users worldwide. This enormous difference is certainly the key to the success for WhatsApp Calling.

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