WhatsApp violates privacy laws, says Canadian and Dutch authorities

WhatsApp violates privacy laws, says Canadian and Dutch authorities

WhatsApp is one of the most popular apps in the world and it is well renowned among the chatters, but now the app comes in the contradiction with the judiciary as well. According to a recent report released by Canadian and Dutch data protection authorities, WhatsApp contravenes the international privacy laws as the app forces the users to provide an access to their entire address book.


WhatsApp violates privacy laws

According to Reuters, in a joint report released on Monday, the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada (OPC) and the Dutch Data Protection Authority, said the app violated privacy laws because users have to provide access to all phone numbers in their address book, including both users and non-users of the app.

Furthermore, on the report, Jacob Kohnstamm, chairman of the Dutch Data Protection Authority says;

“This lack of choice contravenes (Canadian and Dutch) privacy law. Both users and non-users should have control over their personal data and users must be able to freely decide what contact details they wish to share with WhatsApp.”

On the other part, WhatsApp was not available at that time to comment on the issue. However, the investigators in the case stated that WhatsApp was committed to making changes to protect users’ privacy, including allowing the manual addition of contacts. But in the response, it just introduced encryption for its mobile messaging service in the month of September 2012.

Although, there are a number of instant messaging services available on all the popular platforms but all such required a username and a password for making an account. And after that users will able to connect with their friends available on the same service. On the contrary, WhatsApp uses the phone number of the user and grabs the contact book for connecting with the friends. This process of grabbing contact numbers allegedly violates the privacy laws.

On continuing the issue, WhatsApp would face a ban in Canada and Netherlands, however, the California-based WhatsApp Inc will soon take a step to improve their privacy policy or to make some changes in their service, to serve the users in such regions.

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