WhatsApp now features end-to-end encryption through TextSecure protocol

WhatsApp now features end-to-end encryption through TextSecure protocol

WhatsApp has got another reason to be used worldwide as it now features end-to-end encryption. The leading instant messaging app provider has partnered with Open Whisper Systems to incorporate TextSecure protocol to provide users by default end-to-end encryption.

Open Whisper Systems in a blog post said that the most recent WhatsApp for Android is the first WhatsApp client that includes support for the TextSecure protocol to provide end-to-end encryption to user messages and billions of encrypted messages are being exchanged on a daily basis. Similarly, other platforms are expected to support the new encryption protocol in the coming future to provide users a more secure instant messaging app for their daily use.

“WhatsApp runs on an incredible number of mobile platforms, so full deployment will be an incremental process as we add TextSecure protocol support into each WhatsApp client platform. We have a ways to go until all mobile platforms are fully supported, but we are moving quickly towards a world where all WhatsApp users will get end-to-end encryption by default,” the company said.

The end-to-end encryption is initially applied to instant messages, but this support will also be expanded for group chat and media messages in the future. The company will also be surfacing options for key verification in clients to give an enhanced layer of security on the instant messaging platform.

Open Whisper Systems have been working with WhatsApp for providing its end-to-end encryption protocol for the past half year. The company additionally set to continue its development towards TextSecure messaging app to provide users a private messenger for Android devices.

Furthermore, Enthusiasts and third-party app developers are now being called to join hands with Open Whisper Systems to work on the new development through GitHub.

Earlier this year, an allegation was made that WhatsApp messages are readable by other apps but the company’s executive reported that allegation as an overstated issue.

Facebook-owned WhatsApp is currently the leader in the world of instant messaging platforms with serving over 600 million monthly active users, of which 70 million active users are from India. The new encryption would enhance its user base by providing users a more secure and safer platform to send and receive instant messages.

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