WhatsApp leads mobile messaging app market in India while WeChat growing swiftly: Study

WhatsApp leads mobile messaging app market in India while WeChat growing swiftly: Study

WhatsApp already surpassed 70 million monthly active users in India and now a research study by GlobalWebIndex (GWI) reveals that it leads the mobile messaging app market in the country.

The research study states that the total number of Indian users using mobile messaging app has been increased 113 percent since last year and the user base across the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region resulted 46 percent growth. Moreover, the user base mainly consists young, affluent and highly active online users.

The research company says that the reasons behind the surge in usage of mobile messaging apps over social networking sites include their free availability, quicker usability than social networks and larger number of contacts using these apps over social networks.

On announcing the statistics, Jason Mander, Head of Trends at GlobalWebIndex, said:

“Mobile messaging tools have experienced substantial growth during this recent period, particularly amongst the younger generation. Social networks are now being treated more passively, meaning the number of people messaging friends on social networks is now declining. People see mobile messaging apps as an efficient way to communicate. We are expecting the number of mobile messaging users to continue to grow in the coming quarters.”

The company claims that WhatsApp is leading the mobile messaging app market in India with its largest user base compared to other instant messaging apps. However, WeChat is claimed to be emerged as the fastest growing messaging app in the country and leading the APAC region with whopping 2,364 percent increase in its user base in the country. The reasons of its growth are expected to be some of its special features like sticker sharing, Sight and the ability to recall previously sent messages.

After WhatsApp and WeChat, Facebook Messenger stood at the third position in list of the top mobile messaging apps in India. Facebook recently divulged that its Messenger app has surpassed 500 million users mark globally which itself suggests its success in the country.

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