Waze app to available pre-installed on select Android devices

Months after its acquisition, Waze social traffic and navigation app has finally become a Google Mobile Service (GMS). This new change will let OEMs and carriers to pre-install Waze app on their select Android devices.

Waze app already provides millions of its users real-time updates on road conditions, traffic and weather and Google Maps got its integration in November 2013 to provide incident reports in 46 countries.

Getting on the list of Google Mobile Services enables Waze to become a pre-installed app on several Android devices, similar to Google Maps and other Google services.

In a press statement, spokesperson Julie Mossler explains that Waze as a GMS would help users to get real-time updates right on their mobile devices and would provide a new platform to communities and citizens to connect with each other for promoting safer roads.

“If a leading telecom preinstalls Waze in his handsets, a large percentage of the population would immediately have access to blocked roads, dangerous intersections traffic and more in real time,” says Mossler. “There’s an enormous opportunity to improve city efficiency and civilian connectedness just by enhanced exposure and we look forward to growing this community.”

Waze claims to have added over 50 million users since its acquisition announced by Google in 2013.

The new change is expected to expand its user base to a new figure in a short span as some of the new Android devices would soon offer Waze app straight out of the box.

Users can experience Waze on their Android devices even today by visiting Google Play Store. In addition, Waze app is available for free download on iOS platform through Apple App Store.