Warner Bros. releases official Man of Steel game for iOS and Android

Warner Bros. releases official Man of Steel game for iOS and Android

Man of Steel movie released in the theartres today and now Warner Bros. released Man of Steel game for iOS and Android platforms. Identical to the movie, Man of Steel game has all the actions and moments which flavoured the movie in the whole gameplay.

Warner Bros. Man of Steel

Man of Steel game is a third person action game where evil forces are available to beat the hero, Superman. To survive and to beat Zod, there are several super powers available including flight, super speed, and heat vision. Gamers have to swipe on the screen to fight with the enemies.

On the game part, there are two modes as Story Mode and Survival Mode. In Story Mode, the game moves on and on with more depth, identical to the movie. On the other side, there is Survival Mode available to play the game only to earn scores. The developer has provided movie flavour in the gameplay of Man of Steel, cast of mini-bosses and technologically advanced foes are available in the gameplay defeat the leading character.

As other Warner Bros. collection, Man of Steel game is not available for free on both the platforms. For an Android device, users have to spend $4.99 (Rs.289.37). For iPhone, the game is priced at $2.99 (Rs.170) and for iPad, it costs $4,99 (Rs.270). Besides, the game also have a number of in-game purchases as well.

Download links: iPhone | iPad | Android

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