UCWeb ties up with Twitter and Microsoft Bing to deliver extensive cricket coverage

UCWeb ties up with Twitter and Microsoft Bing to deliver extensive cricket coverage

UCWeb has announced its partnership with Twitter and Microsoft Bing. The new development is aimed to deliver extensive cricket coverage through an upgraded UC Cricket that the Alibaba-backed company developed in 2013.

As per the new strategy set by UCWeb, Twitter will provide content related to cricket matches directly on UC Cricket. Microsoft Bing will also contribute to the real-time coverage by offering predictions via Bing Predicts. Additionally, the company has updated its cricket-centric service with a floating widget UC Express and some customisable notification to deliver updates on cricket scores and commentary in an advanced manner.

UC Cricket coverage

UC Cricket gets Twitter and Microsoft Bing integration

“Our cooperation with Twitter and Bing is going to reshape the digital cricket content landscape, considering the modalities of our cooperation and scale of our combined user base,” says Kenny Ye, GM of global markets, Alibaba Mobile Business Group, in a statement. “This partnership is going to offer the right mix of content for all cricket lovers in India ahead of the upcoming cricket season.”

Cricket is undoubtedly a hot topic in India. But the makers of UC Browser is in plans to take cricket just as a primary move to enter the world of digital content in the future.

Citing a report by Ernst & Young, UCWeb shows that 50 percent of all the digital content that consumed in India is expected to be served through the small screen in less than five years from now. This perhaps evokes the idea of shifting focus from merely offering a web browsing product to a digital content distributor.

“There is likely to be an overhaul in the way content providers distribute their content across digital platforms as UC Browser adapts itself for such role to meet the expectations of the industry,” Ye added.

UCWeb aims to offer discovery and navigation of content to its Indian users through UC Browser. Also, the company is set to help publishers and partners distribute their content to the masses in the country.

Twitter integration within UC Cricket is already live, but content through Bing Predicts will be available starting March 14. You just need to download and install the latest UC Browser version on your mobile device to receive the updates.

The new developments will not only make UC Browser a strong competitor against Opera and Chrome browsers but would also give a tough competition to some cricket-focused apps like Cricbuzz and Cricinfo.

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