UC Browser gets Hungama integration to offer over 2 million music tracks

UC Browser gets Hungama integration to offer over 2 million music tracks

UCWeb on Tuesday announced that it has tied up with Hungama Music. The new partnership is aimed to deliver a music library of over two million tracks in UC Browser, directly from Hungama.

Starting today, UC Browser will offer music tracks directly through Hungama Music service. The web browser will have Hungama integration for the next six days to let you listen to regional, devotional, western, pop and EDM music in addition to Bollywood songs.

“We are constantly striving to reshape the mobile lifestyle of our users,” says Kenny Ye, managing director, UCWeb India, in a press statement. “We are the No. 1 mobile browser in India, with exhaustive local content across different categories including cricket and entertainment. This partnership will give our users high quality and select content, entertainment and experience possible through a mobile browser. We want to redefine what users can do with a mobile browser.”

The tie-up comes as a strategic move by UCWeb and Hungama to offer their products and services to the masses in India. Moreover, it is considered to be a “brilliant opportunity”. “It gives a brilliant opportunity to UC browser users to get access to Hungama’s comprehensive music service across genres,” said Siddhartha Roy, CEO, Hungama.com.

Alibaba Group-backed UCWeb is one of the most active app developer concerns in India. It released UC Cleaner and UC Crazy Run apps in the recent past to expand its presence in the mobile app market. In May last year, it roped cricketer Yuvraj Singh to start promoting UC Browser in the country.

UC Browser is already available on more than 3,000 different mobile devices from over 200 manufacturers around the world. It comes in 11 international languages and compatible with all mainstream operating systems including Android, iOS and Windows Phone among others.

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