Ubuntu smartphones coming in the beginning of October 2013

Ubuntu smartphones coming in the beginning of October 2013

Ubuntu is all set to make way in the smartphones market, the open source operating system likely to join the market in the present year. In a report by Wall Street Journal, founder and CEO of Canonical, Mark Shuttleworth has confirmed that Ubuntu based smartphones will be available to customers in the beginning of October 2013. For the app developers, the Ubuntu ROM for Samsung Galaxy Nexus will be available in late February.

Ubuntu for smartphones

Ubuntu smartphones will launch in October

The CEO did not provide any details on the OEMs to sell the smartphones based on Ubuntu operating system. Additionally, he stated that smartphones based on Ubuntu platform will be available in two large geographic markets in October, though the name of such two markets is still a mystery. Shuttleworth suggested that North America is the ‘absolutely a key market for Ubuntu’. Of course, Apple and Google will get a great impact from such announcement.

Ubuntu is a Linux-based open source operating system for servers and desktop computers. The operating system, being an open source, come with a large variety of features. Ubuntu for phones was announced in the month of January, this year. As the operating system on desktop, the phone version operating system will also have the same open source capabilities. On interesting part, the operating system enable the users to share the contents from smartphones to PCs or vice versa.

However, the hardware part is yet to be unveiled but Ubuntu will of course give a new choice in the world of smartphones. With gesture input support and minimalistic user interface, the operating system would grab enormous shares in the smartphones market as Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android.

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