Twitter updates with photo and video viewing enhancements

Twitter updates with photo and video viewing enhancements

Twitter, world’s renowned micro-blogging network recently updates with a number of enhancements for viewing photos and videos. Twitter is the channel for sharing the words with the world and the micro-blogging feature of the website along with an option to add photos and videos makes it perfect for all the social loving people across the world. In this aspect, developers and engineers at Twitter tries to make the website more perfect and more impressive for the whole world. Such a step, for making the micro-blogging site more impressive is recently taken by the developers with adding enhancements for viewing photos and videos.

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The recent update brings a new platform for viewing photos, rather than the older full view on a new window, users can enlarge the thumbnail photos just by clicking on them. After clicking, a new light-box opened up on the same screen, to show large-scale version of the photos. But if a user still want a full window view, then one have to click on the photo link given with the tweet. This new feature works with all photos whether they are profile pictures, pictures on search results, or even a photo in a profile page.

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Twitter updates with new light-box for viewing photos and videos

Twitter also updated the same feature for media galleries as well. And for more support, videos are now embedded right into the gallery. No matter from where the videos are shared from, such as, Vine, YouTube, Vimeo and even from several other channels, all such videos are now embedded into the gallery.

The new feature of viewing photos and videos on the same page opens media files fast, as there is no redirected URL to open a new page. On the other hand, the feature also shows the tweet below the photo or video which makes the light-box more attractive and useful for viewing tweet.

Now users can also read more of a conversation while reading a tweet on the tweet page with more number of replies in each thread. So what are you waiting for, take a look at the new features and follow us too!

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