Twitter Offers launched to let advertisers share promotions with Twitter users

Twitter Offers launched to let advertisers share promotions with Twitter users

With a view to help advertisers to reach more users, Twitter has launched Twitter Offers feature on its micro-blogging network. This new feature lets advertisers create card-linked promotions and share them directly with Twitter users within their timeline.

Twitter Offers are available in the timeline of the Twitter users once advertisers create them. Users can add any of those offers to their credit or debit card and redeem in real time by using the same card at a brick-and-mortar store in their location. This means that users will now no longer need to carry any tangible coupons to redeem for a deal at the time of their purchase at a store but instead, can easily use Twitter Offer cards for to get new deals.

Moreover, the cash back savings will be automatically appeared on the card statement within a few days after users made the payment for their purchase.

Twitter Offers feature enables advertisers to give users redemptions directly to their campaigns on the micro-blogging network. This will help them in effectively measuring the return on investment (ROI) directly through their promotions which they are advertising. In addition, the new feature will also be a helpful tool for merchants to host their advertisements on Twitter.

“With Twitter Offers, advertisers will be able to attribute redemptions directly to their campaigns on Twitter, so that they can effectively measure the ROI from their promotions, even when redemption happens offline,” said Tarun Jain, Group Product Manager at Twitter. “Additionally, we make it easy for merchants to get up and running because they can use their existing payment network, there’s no change to the consumer purchase process, no employee training and no new hardware or software to install. By leveraging Twitter’s robust targeting capabilities, advertisers can tailor their promotions and campaigns to the right audience, while optimizing for performance.”

Twitter assures that the card information that users add through a Twitter Offer will be “encrypted and safely stored” and they can also remove that information from their account at anytime.

Twitter Offers feature is initially available in the US and Twitter is planning to work with a handful of brands to begin testing this feature during holidays. This suggests that the feature would soon be used by some of the top merchants in the region.

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