Twitter now delivers you a richer photo experience

Twitter now delivers you a richer photo experience

With an aim to persuade more users, Twitter has now been updated with a richer photo experience. The new update comes months after the launch of autoplaying videos and news-centric Moments to deliver rich media through the microblogging network apart from merely text-only tweets and replies.

With the new experience, Twitter on the Web has started showing photos in a uncropped form. You may have noticed in the past that the microblogging network automatically crops landscape photos on your Timeline. But now, it will list all the photos in 1:1 aspect ratio, similar to Vine and Instagram.

Twitter photo update

Twitter now with square photos

This new change will occupy more vertical space to show you a full view of photos on Twitter, without compromising with their trimmed sides.

Apart from this, Twitter now shows multi-photo displays by highlighting one large photo on the left and all the other ones in smaller size on the right. This brings a collage-like experience, a way identical to how photos being served on Facebook.

Both the new changes are initially rolling out through the update on Twitter site. However, there is no word on its arrival for mobile devices. We hope that some development would soon be emerged, at least for Android and iOS devices.

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