Twitter for Android and iOS updated with new search and discover improvements

Twitter for Android and iOS updated with new search and discover improvements

Twitter has recently improved the ‘Discover’ and ‘Search’ capabilities in the apps for Android and iOS platform, the new improvements are also added to the mobile website as well. Twitter is renowned micro-blogging service and most of the users uses the service even on their mobile devices which is the reason that the micro-blogging site is now providing more ease on the go with new improvements.

Twitter with improved Search and Discover

Users can now get all the contents such as tweets, activities, trends and account suggestions right in a single Discover tab. The Discover tab is now comes within the app for Android and iOS platform, users can now even get into Activity and Trends with the new previews available at the top of the Discover tab. With the addition of Discover tab on mobile devices, users can easily get more deep in the world of micro-blogging.

The next change in the new Twitter for mobile devices include improved searching capabilities. The search results are now combined with tweets, photos and accounts, all in one stream for ease and clutter-free experience. Twitter for iOS now also feature a new search button on the top right of the app screen. The search button is already a part of the Android app and it is also available on the iPad as well.

To stay connected with social network, Twitter added an improved Connect tab which by default shows interactions in the form of new followers, retweets and mentions on the screen. There is also an option to view mentions only in Connect tab by going through settings and clicking on Mentions.

Opening Links on Twitter are now easier than before as the new update supports single tap for opening the links, while earlier users have to tap on any part of the tweet to expand it and then a second click was required to get to the website.

All the Android users can now update the Twitter app by going through Google Play Store, iOS users have to visit Apple App Store to download the new app.

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