TrueCaller database purportedly hacked by Syrian Electronic Army

TrueCaller database purportedly hacked by Syrian Electronic Army

Popular telephone directory app TrueCaller is having a large database with numbers and names of million users across the world. Now the data is purportedly in the hands of hackers as the database of TrueCaller is claimed to be hacked by a Syria-based hackers group named as Syrian Electronic Army.

TrueCaller hacked

TrueCaller database purportedly hacked!

According to the tweet by the hackers group, they have managed to get the database of TrueCaller through the its server. The hackers group has already posted some pictures from the database and also provided the credentials which were used to protect the database by TrueCaller team.

The hackers group has revealed that they have hacked into the TrueCaller’s server and downloaded more than 7 databases and the main database with a large directory of numbers and names is sized as 450GB, EHackingNews reports. The news report also stated that the database is claimed to have million of access codes related to Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Gmail accounts that will even allow hacker to post updates from victim’s account.

So far TrueCaller team has not yet confirmed about the hack of their databases. We’ll cover more as and when some authenticate information revealed.

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