‘The Croods’ by Rovio now available for iOS and Android

‘The Croods’ by Rovio now available for iOS and Android

Rovio’s latest creation, ‘The Croods’ recently launched for iOS and Android devices. As committed earlier, the game is now available for free on Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Rovio has developed the Croods with partnering DreamWorks Animation and the game has a completely different gameplay than the earlier renowned Angry Birds series by the developer.

The Croods

The Croods reaches to iOS and Android

The Croods game having the same name and concept, based on an upcoming 3D animated movie from DreamWorks Animation, the movie is coming to cinemas on March 22nd. The movie is based on the storyline of ancient Stone Age era and the game also features the identical environment full of stones, trees and unique creatures hovering around the characters.

The Croods is a story based on a caveman family. There are about eight leading characters including Eep the teenage rebel, Grug the dad, Gran the mother-in-law, Sandy the wild child, Thunk the meat head, Ugga the mom, Guy the new guy, and Belt the sloth are available in the movie which are also debut in the game.

These cavemen are breaking out of the Stone Age with the use of a new r-evolutionary tool: the IDEA. During the gameplay, 10 crazy never-seen-before creatures will come up in the new landscapes. Some of the new creatures, Girelephant and Molarbear will arrived at the initial levels while some other new creatures will come to the world of ancient era in the next coming levels.

Gamers have to create wacky inventions with Grug to open and explore new areas. The game also give an option to decorate the pre-historic world with the latest in caveman fashion accessories.

Watch out the official trailer of ‘The Croods’:

However, the Croods game is available for free for both the platforms but there are some in-game items can be purchased from real money. On the downside, unlike the earlier developments by Rovio, the Croods requires a working data connection (2G/3G/Wi-Fi) for playing the game. And as we have tested, the game required a stable high-speed data connectivity all the time, it means that you must have connected to a stable Wi-Fi or 3G connectivity before experiencing the game.

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