Telenor enables Facebook at Work for over 35,000 employees

Telenor enables Facebook at Work for over 35,000 employees

Telenor on Wednesday announced that it has enabled Facebook at Work for its more than 35,000 employees worldwide. The new development is aimed to open the social network for the entire Telenor work base that located around 13 countries.

Launched in January last year, Facebook at Work is specially designed for businesses and enterprises. Norway-based Telenor was one of its early pilot testers. “To be a truly digital company, our employees need to have a digital mindset. And that means having best practice collaboration tools at our disposal,” says Sigve Brekke, president and CEO, Telenor Group, in a statement.

“I believe that Facebook at Work is one of those tools, enabling new ways of working together and stimulating engagement across the organization.”

Telenor Facebook at Work

Telenor opts for Facebook at Work to enable new ways of working together

Facebook at Work helps Telenor employees to communicate in an advanced way. They have Facebook’s core features such as News Feed and real-time notifications. Also, they have the access to Facebook Messenger, in the form of a Work Chat client, and Groups as well as Events to arrange meetings on the go.

“Employees today seek tools for collaboration that they know and use in their daily lives,” says Sean Ryan, Head of Facebook at Work, in a statement. “We’re excited that Facebook at Work will give employees the flexibility to engage with each other from any device, from anywhere in the world, ultimately leading to an, even more, productive and connected Telenor.”

Telenor isn’t alone but among the initial 450 companies that are working with Facebook to make its new product successful. Moreover, there are over 60,000 businesses that are on the wait list while the product is still in closed beta.

Facebook is set to add more features for Facebook at Work in the coming months. However, the product itself will be available out of beta sometime later this year.

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