Telegram takes on WhatsApp with 5,000 member supergroups

Telegram takes on WhatsApp with 5,000 member supergroups

Telegram has announced that is messaging app will now support supergroups with a limit of 5,000 members. The new development is aimed to take on WhatsApp that has a group limit of 256 members.

Originally introduced in last November with a limit of 1,000 members, supergroups can now have as many as 5,000 members. This is quite bigger than the 256 member groups on WhatsApp, though it was recently expanded from the previous 100 member limit.

Telegram additionally allows you to make your existing supergroups public. Using this new option, you’ll get a short link to your groups that you can share publicly. The link can be used to show the groups’ chat history and to add more members to post messages.

Telegram supergroup WhatsApp

Telegram groups with public link

Group admins have additionally been provided with a new pinned messages option. This lets admins display some important messages at the top of the chat screen and enables notifications for the members even if they muted usual messages from the same group.

As supergroups on Telegram are no longer private, there are also some new moderation tools to prevent potential spam issues. Admins can use the tools to instantly delete all messages from a specific member or even block or report that member right from the admin panel.

Telegram group moderation tools

Telegram moderation tools

If you already have a supergroup, you’ll soon receive the new features through latest Telegram version. There is a way to convert your existing ordinary group into a supergroup, too.

The new development comes days after Telegram surpassed the 100 million users mark. Although the new features aren’t enough for the Russian app to make things difficult for Facebook-owned WhatsApp that already leads the instant messaging world with over a billion users, they bring community messaging to a new level. This could potentially enhance the presence of Telegram app in our lives.

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