Telegram surpasses 100 million users mark

Telegram surpasses 100 million users mark

Telegram has reached new heights with surpassing the mark of 100 million monthly active users worldwide. The new announcement emerged from the Mobile World Congress (MWC).

Founder and CEO Pavel Durov announced during his keynote at the MWC that Telegram is presently signing up 350,000 new users on a daily basis. The messaging app, which is competing against WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, has its presence in over 200 countries where users send 15 billion messages on each day.

“We’re extremely proud and happy that all this growth is 100 percent organic — we had zero marketing budget,” Durov said while addressing the audience at his keynote. “This is a global phenomenon, a global product.”

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Telegram now has over 100 million monthly active users

Although the user base of 100 million users represents an increase of 38 million new users since last May, Telegram hasn’t reached anywhere close to WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. Facebook-owned WhatsApp recently crossed the milestone of one billion monthly active users, and Facebook Messenger currently has over 800 million users.

Founded by Durov and his brother Nikolai in 2013, Telegram is one of the most popular apps in the world of encrypted messaging. It uses servers with MTProto protocol and offers features like secret chat and self-destruct messages.

Telegram recently came in controversies with its active usage among the members of the Islamic State. It introduced public channels service to let users broadcast their messages to select groups that was reportedly used by the Islamic State and some other extremist groups in the Middle East.

Being a cross-platform app, Telegram is currently available for download on mobile devices running on Android, iOS, Windows Phone and Ubuntu Touch as well as on desktops with Windows, OS X and Linux. Its Android app has just received an update with the ability to let users edit messages in channels and groups and share links for channel posts. The updated app also gives channel administrators an option to add admin signatures to their messages and silent individual messages.

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