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Xiaomi Mi3 no longer available on Flipkart

Xiaomi Mi3, one of the most demanded smartphones in India, is no longer available on Flipkart. Though the company earlier used its flash sale strategy to sell the Mi3 in


Xiaomi Mi3 Review: The Limited Edition Android

Introduction It is a well-known law of demand that, other things remain equal, the demand of a product increases with a fall in its price. The same law applies to


Xiaomi Mi3 stock sold out in India within 2.4 seconds, next sale begin on August 19

As the stock of Xiaomi Mi3 came back today on Flipkart, a large number of its customers in India were in anticipation to get a chance on buying the affordable smartphone. But this


Xiaomi Mi3 to be available again in India today; here are some tips to grab

Xiaomi Mi3 will be available again in India today through Flipkart. This time the company is set to put on sale as many as 20,000 units of the Mi3 for more


20,000 Xiaomi Mi3 units to be available in India on August 12

In order to fulfill the demand, Flipkart is set to sell as many as 20,000 units of Xiaomi Mi3 smartphone in India on August 12. The online marketplace has already


Xiaomi sells 15,000 Mi3 units in India within 2 seconds

Beijing-based Xiaomi has overtaken its own record of achieving complete sold out of the Mi3 in just five seconds. The company on Tuesday announced that it has sold 15,000 Mi3


Flipkart sells 20,000 Xiaomi Mi3 units in India since launch

As Xiaomi Mi3 is making success in India with high demand in a short span of just two weeks, its exclusive online seller Flipkart has sold its 20,000 units in India


Xiaomi Mi3 goes out of stock in India within 5 seconds

Xiaomi Mi3 was again went on sale in India on Flipkart earlier today after the entire stock went off last week but due high demand raised by the Indian customers, the


Xiaomi Mi3 to be available again in India tomorrow

Xiaomi Mi3, one of the best-selling smartphones, will again go on sale in India tomorrow. A week after its stock sold out in about 39 minutes, the Mi3 will make


Xiaomi Mi3 goes out of stock in India, next sale begin on July 29

Xiaomi Mi3 went on sale in India earlier today and now the company claims that its first batch was sold out in just 38 minutes 50 seconds. Indian e-commerce giant Flipkart