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WhatsApp passes over 250 million active users

WhatsApp is undoubtedly the renowned instant messaging service but now it is becoming one of the biggest messaging service with over 250 million active users. WhatsApp Inc. has revealed to

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WhatsApp executive denies holding sales conversation with Google

A buzz recently came up in the air that the popular instant messaging service, WhatsApp is in sight of Google. And a single source has reported that Google being in


Google apparently in conversation to acquire WhatsApp for $1 billion

Google is undoubtedly the most renowned name in the world of web, on the other side, WhatsApp has now become a synonymous of instant messaging with enormous number of users.


WhatsApp for Android updates with new Holo UI

WhatsApp Inc. has recently released an update for the Android devices and the new update brings fresh look to the messenger client. The updated WhatsApp app for Android platform features

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WhatsApp for BlackBerry 10 now available

After much anticipation, WhatsApp Messenger finally all set to reach the BlackBerry World. The all new WhatsApp client is now available for BlackBerry 10 platform with push notifications and full

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WhatsApp violates privacy laws, says Canadian and Dutch authorities

WhatsApp is one of the most popular apps in the world and it is well renowned among the chatters, but now the app comes in the contradiction with the judiciary

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WhatsApp for iPhone goes free for limited time, enjoy your holidays with messaging

One of the popular instant messaging app, WhatsApp now available free of cost on the App Store too. For all the versions of iPhone, WhatsApp now easily downloadable without spending

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WhatsApp now available on Windows Phone 8

One of the popular instant messaging client, WhatsApp now make ways to Windows Phone 8 platform. Since, there are just few instant messaging apps are available on the Windows Phone

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WhatsApp status bug fixed, no more status unavailable error

Recently WhatsApp buzzes a lot due to a status bug which shows an error as unavailability of status of all the contacts. And now such status bug is fixed, now

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WhatsApp facing status bug, spammers started exploiting with fake messages

One of the most eminent chat application, WhatsApp is facing a status bug this time which shows an error as ‘Status Unavailable’ for all the contacts. WhatsApp team started working