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Xiaomi enters virtual reality world with Mi VR Play headset

Xiaomi today stepped into the ever-growing world of virtual reality by unveiling its Mi VR Play. The new VR headset is built on the reference design of Google’s Cardboard platform.

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McDonald’s evolves Happy Meal box with VR goggles

As Happy Meal toys are no longer attracting some geeky kids, McDonald’s is transforming its Happy Meal box into Happy Goggles VR headsets to deliver an immersive experience. The new

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Apple buys Flyby Media to bolster VR development

Virtual reality (VR) is one of the emerging trends that appears to be quite appealing to Apple these days. After appointing an expert a few days back, the Cupertino giant

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Samsung set to open VR studio in New York City

Samsung is all-set to open its first VR studio in New York City, US. The company made the new announcement at the Sundance film festival in Park City, Utah. The

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Apple appoints top VR researcher Doug Bowman for a secret project

Apple has reportedly appointed top VR (virtual reality) researcher Doug Bowman. The new appointment emerges at the time when rivals like Google and Microsoft have brought developments such as Glass


5 emerging tech trends that will gain traction in 2016

We are all set to say goodbye to 2015. This was the year when many technology companies debuted with their unique offerings. Also, this was the year when we saw

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Google Cardboard helps doctors exploring heart to save a baby girl’s life

You might have used Google Cardboard to entertain yourself in a free time. But doctors have recently used the VR headset to save a baby girl’s life by exploring her

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Google’s Cardboard Camera app transforms your Android smartphone into VR camera

Google is one of the tech companies that are already supporting virtual reality (VR). But now, it has Cardboard Camera app that not only enhances the emerging technology but transforms


Google Street View now offers 360-degree virtual reality experience

Google has updated its Street View app for Android and iOS. The updated app brings 360-degree virtual reality (VR) experience to Google Cardboard. Unlike other Google products, Google Street View already

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Samsung, Oculus launch $99 Gear VR with Netflix, Facebook and Twitch content support

Samsung and Oculus today partnered to launch all-new Gear VR headset with an affordable price tag of $99. The headset additionally comes with Netflix, Facebook and Twitch content support and