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Google Street View now offers 360-degree virtual reality experience

Google has updated its Street View app for Android and iOS. The updated app brings 360-degree virtual reality (VR) experience to Google Cardboard. Unlike other Google products, Google Street View already

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Google Street View now lets you explore elephant habitat of Kenya’s Samburu National Reserve

Do you love walking alongside elephants or wanna visit an elephant habitat without leaving your couch? Google has the best solution for you. Yes, Google Street View now lets you


Google Street View shows Liwa Desert from camel’s hump

After adding mountains, rivers and monuments, Google Street View now reached to the Middle East to capture Liwa Desert as sitting atop a camel. This gives viewers an all-new experience of


Google Street View now lets visit Angkor Wat, Cambodia

Google Street View team has recently reached Cambodia to capture view of Angkor Wat, a place populated by over 50 Khmer temples. With adding Angkor Wat, Google is getting closer


Google adds ‘polar bear capital of the world’ in Street View

Google has added Churchill, Manitoba – commonly known as ‘polar bear capital of the world‘ – in its Street View. Churchill is a place where not many tourists visit due


Now explore Taj Mahal and 29 other Indian monuments through Street View

Google, with partnering Archaeological Survey of India (ASI), has provided a way to explore over 29 Indian monuments, including Taj Mahal, through the Street View. Internet users can now easily


Google Street View reaches Philippines

Google today announced that its Street View has reached to Philippines. With partnering Department of Tourism, Google Street View service is set to capture the country with 7,107 islands. To


Now anyone can create Google Street View using Android phone or DSLR

Google has taken a new step to enhance the coverage of its Street View service by allowing anyone to create Street View with the help of an Android smartphone or


Google adds River Thames in Street View

Now get 360-degree view of River Thames of London on any desktop or mobile device through Google Street View. Google today announced that its Street View team comes to the


Google and ASI partnered to provide Street View of 100 Indian monuments

After providing 360-degree view of world heritages, Google today announced its partnership with Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) to provide Street View of 100 monuments situated in India. With the