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Facebook Messenger brings voice messaging for Android and iOS, VoIP in testing

Facebook recently updates Messenger app for Android and iOS platform, the new update brings voice messaging feature to the standalone app. The social networking giant is also testing VoIP with

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Facebook introduces Poke app for iOS platform, share moments with friends

Facebook introduced the Poke feature in 2004, many users remember this feature and in fact used it to virtually poke their friends. And now the Poke feature with tweaks and


Facebook for Windows Phone updated with few improvements and tweaks

Facebook app for Windows Phone platform receives an updated to version The new updated app comes with several improvements and new tweaks. Facebook app for Windows Phone is actually


Facebook for Android moves to native, adds faster loading for timeline and news feed

Facebook for Android platform was a pain for many users as it takes more time in loading small contents and even feeds take so much time while refreshing. But now


Facebook Messenger comes up to Mozilla Firefox, chat while surfing internet

Facebook already earned much goodwill due to largest chain of social networking and now the social networking is possible right simultaneously surfing internet with all new Facebook Messenger for Mozilla

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Facebook added Photo Sync for Android and iOS platform, automatically adds photos to Facebook account

Facebook recently added Photo Sync feature in the official app supported for Android and iOS platform. The new feature automatically adds all the photos saved in the device to a


Facebook updates app for Android and iOS with new features, sharing and tagging now supported

After Twitter, it’s a time for one of the world’s renowned social networking site, Facebook. Yes, Facebook updated the app available for Android and iOS platform with several new features


Over one billion people uses Facebook actively each month, says CEO Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook becoming the most popular social networking site in the world, people who haveĀ forgottenĀ to make social relations in the real life, have started joining the virtual social network and the

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Facebook started working on removing fake profiles

If you have created a fake account just to increase the number of friends on Facebook or to get more likes on the status then just be aware because the