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Former Google, Xiaomi exec Hugo Barra starts leading Facebook’s VR team

Hugo Barra, the key face behind the growth of Android and the one who brought China’s Xiaomi to the many global smartphone markets including India and the US, has formally

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Facebook Messenger now lets you play Pac-Man

Facebook Messenger has been expanded with Instant Games. This new development has brought Pac-Man right to the messaging screen of your Android and iOS devices. Through Instant Games, you can


Facebook Messenger starts saving your data

Continuing the trend to enhance the user experience, Facebook Messenger is now testing a native feature that aims to save your data consumption. This new development is initially making way


Facebook’s Like button gets redesigned with a thumbs-up icon

Facebook has redesigned its iconic Like button. The social networking behemoth is additionally transforming its Share button to modernise the experience for developers and end users. Originally featuring “f” logo,


Instagram now lets you share 60-second long videos

Instagram has announced a new update that allows you to record and send videos in up to 60-second length. The update extends the initial 15-second limit. Video sharing was debuted

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Facebook Lite hits 100 million monthly active users worldwide

Facebook Lite, a stripped-down version of the original Facebook app, has now reached the milestone of 100 million monthly active users. The app was released for entry-level Android devices in


Facebook Messenger on Android gets Material Design treatment

Facebook has opted Material Design to tweak its Messenger app for Android devices. The updated Facebook Messenger with Material Design elements is already started rolling out for worldwide users. Facebook’s

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Your Instagram profile won’t let you add Telegram and Snapchat links

Instagram has started blocking links to Telegram and Snapchat on its profiles. The new change emerges months after WhatsApp blocked Telegram links. You might be aware that Instagram profile allows


Facebook Messenger gets Spotify integration to let you share music in your chats

Facebook Messenger has integrated Spotify to let you share some of your favourite songs and compositions with your friends right in your chats. The new update is rolling out for


Telenor enables Facebook at Work for over 35,000 employees

Telenor on Wednesday announced that it has enabled Facebook at Work for its more than 35,000 employees worldwide. The new development is aimed to open the social network for the