SwiftKey Keyboard adds neural networks to deliver you advanced typing experience

SwiftKey Keyboard adds neural networks to deliver you advanced typing experience

SwiftKey has upgraded its keyboard app on Android with the power of neural network technology. The new addition will enable more accurate and useful next-word predictions to deliver you an advanced typing experience.

Originally arrived through an alpha channel in last October, SwiftKey Keyboard with neural network technology is touted to “meaningfully capture the relationship and similarity between words.” It apparently uses Microsoft’s artificial intelligence (AI) to give you the next-generation predictions.

“For the first time since we launched SwiftKey Keyboard six years ago, we’ve rebuilt SwiftKey’s language engine from the ground up using the power of neural network technology – the first instance of neural networks being used locally on a smartphone. This gives you more accurate and useful next-word predictions, saving you time and (hopefully) adding a little fun to your typing,” the SwiftKey team writes in a blog post.

SwiftKey has replaced its existing ‘n-gram’ model with the new ‘neural networks’ model. This new change has empowered the keyboard to predict words like “airport” and “hotel” when you start typing “Let’s meet at the”, instead of giving usual suggestions like “end” or “moment”.

SwiftKey Keyboard neural networks

SwiftKey Keyboard uses ‘neural networks’ model to enhance predictions

The keyboard also has the ability to understand how two sentences can have a similar structure. For instance, it predicts “office” in addition to “airport” and “hotel” to give you the most appropriate prediction as well as accurate autocorrection functionality.

The SwiftKey Keyboard with neural networks is firstly debuting in its US English and UK English versions. However, other language models would also get the same feature subsequently.

You can download the updated SwiftKey presence on your Android device by visiting Google Play store. The app also includes Esperanto and Dhivehi – Maldivian languages, Italian predictions and a native support for Android N diverse emoji.

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