Soon Windows apps run on Android using Wine

Soon Windows apps run on Android using Wine

Are you interested in playing games for Windows platform on your Android device or want to work on MS Office using any Android tablet? Your dream is just going to fulfill using the upcoming Wine app for Android platform. Wine is an application that allows Windows applications to run on other platforms as Linux and Mac OS X, the app is now going to be developed for Android platform as well, which enables all the Windows softwares to run on any Android device.

Android to support Windows app

Android to run Windows apps using Wine

According to Phoronix, Alexandre Julliard, the developer of Wine previewed Wine app running on Android during the recent Free and Open source Software Developers European Meeting (FOSDEM) in Brussels. However, due to the previewing of Wine app on an Android emulator, the performance was horrendously slow but when the app will completely developed for Android devices, the performance will be enhanced, of course.

Wine running on Android demonstration

Wine running on Android demonstration (Credit: Phoronix)

After watching the preview shown by the Julliard, CodeWeavers, which contributes to Wine development and also sells the CrossOver Office software, is positively hopeful for the success of Intel x86 Atom CPUs for tablets. In the future, if Android devices will follow Intel x86 architecture, there will be an anticipation for commercial opportunities as well.

Wine is also expected to support ARM based Android devices which will wider the scope of the app usage and results in the more growth of Android devices in future. Recently, Intel also announced the new Atom Lexington processors at CES, there are some expectations that the chipset maker will also going to unveil next-generation chipsets with more power. Such chipsets will fasten the development time for Wine app.

On the other side, applications such as BlueStacks and WindowsAndroid, allow users to run Android apps on Windows platform and even give an access to the Play Store. Winulator is also available for Android platform to run some of the x86 Windows apps but the app is still in the beta stage only.

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