Sony wants to leap entry-level smartphones, to focus on premium segment

Sony wants to leap entry-level smartphones, to focus on premium segment

Sony is one of the popular smartphone OEM in the Android world and the company already introduces manifold range of smartphones in the market from entry-level to high-end. But now the Japanese manufacturer all set to change the business strategy and wants to leap the manufacturing of entry-level smartphones, of course to focus deeply on the premium segment. And furthermore, recently Sony Xperia product marketing manager states the same during interviewed by CNET Asia.

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Sony plans to quit entry-level market

According to the report by the news channel, Stephen Sneeden, Sony’s Xperia product marketing manager says;

“We’re ready to be a premium smartphone provider, logically then, at the very entry level is where you lose the ‘Sonyness’. And it’s where you cannot implement some of these wonderful things from Sony at such a low cost, we might leave the very entry tier to some other manufacturers.”

The statement markedly indicates that Sony is going to make only premium and high segment smartphones with leaving behind all the low segment smartphones. Although, there are a number of smartphones present in today’s low-range market manufactured by Sony but in future the company would not be in the market of low-range smartphones to compete popular other brands such as Samsung.

As Apple and HTC, Sony is also supposedly going to leave the entry-level smartphones market. Well, it is a good news not for the Sony low-end smartphones users but of course for Samsung and other competitors who are still in the entry-level smartphones market as well as captured a large-scale of high-end smartphones market. Furthermore, if Sony really takes their step back from the entry-level smartphones market then Samsung would be the only multinational company in the arena with their Galaxy series of smartphones.

On the other part, Sony still shares a number of Xperia series smartphones in the entry-level market but after taking a step-back from the low-end segment, the company would have to face loss as the high-end market is already in the hands of big players as Apple and Samsung. And Sony’s recently launched Xperia Z and Xperia ZL would enough to compete the competitive smartphones is still a question for the company as well as for the well-wishers.

Now we just have to look for the steps that Sony take to capture the premium segment market and to leave the low segment market. So what are your views on this, don’t hesitate and write below.

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