Sony stops producing PlayStation 2 in Japan, report says

Sony PlayStation series are renowned gaming consoles for all the gamers and PlayStation 2 was one of the favourite source of entertainment for all the gamers over a number of months since the console officially released in the month of March, 2000. But now the manufacturer taking steps ahead to discontinue such renowned device and stops the production of further PlayStation 2 consoles in Japan.

Sony PlayStation 2 logo

According to a report by a Japanese website, Famitsu, the company has been completed the shipment of PlayStation 2 in the Japanese market. All the Japanese retailers will not get more stock of Sony’s PlayStation 2, as per the report.

Sony officially releases the PlayStation 2 on 4th of March, 2000 in Japan and about 150 million units were shipped over worldwide. The console gain huge demand not only because of its gaming abilities, in fact the console one of the first device with DVD player ability which makes the console more popular in the market. There is no word on the stopping of production in other countries, on the other hand, developers will undoubtedly continue the development for the renowned console.

Sony PlayStation 2

Sony PlayStation 2

The closure of production also showing some signs that Sony would introduce a new version PlayStation after PlayStation 3.  Rumours of PlayStation 4 already buzzes in the air and according to a report by VG24/7, the upcoming PlayStation 4 will be coined as Orbis. Furthermore, the company already started shipping PlayStation 4 developer kits to all the developers, according to the report. The upcoming PlayStation 4 is expected to announce anytime in the near future and specs of the console impresses with Blu-ray player and AMD A10 series APU. So stay tuned of more reports on the upcoming gaming console.

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