Smart TVs cover one-third of global flat panel TV shipments in 2013

Smart TVs cover one-third of global flat panel TV shipments in 2013

As the technology is evolving each second, the initially known idiot boxes are now becoming smarter. With such evolution, Smart TVs covered one-third of flat panel TV shipments worldwide in 2013.

Smart TVs growth in 2013

Smart TVs growing at a faster pace

According to a research conducted by Strategic Analytics, global Smart TV shipments reached to 76 million units in 2013 which resulted 55 percent year-over-year growth. On the other side, the record of 76 million Smart TV shipments accounted 33 percent of total flat panel TV during the year.

On the notable growth of Smart TVs, David Watkins, Director of Strategy Analytics’ Connected Home Devices service, said;

“Smart TVs are steadily moving mainstream and are integrating into a multi-platform offering alongside smartphones, tablets and PCs. Manufacturers will do well to focus their efforts on enabling better communication and sharing with second screen devices.”

In the impressive 33 percent market share of total flat panel TVs across the globe, Western European reported as the leading market for Smart TVs with shipments close to 45 percent of flat panel TVs shipped in the region in 2013.

Taking note from the growth observed in 2013, the analyst firm has predicted that global Smart TVs will account for 44 percent of flat panel TV shipments in 2014 and 73 percent by 2017.

The research further revealed that around 50 percent of Smart TV owners across the US and major European markets are come with Internet capabilities to operations of new applications and services. The presence of Internet capabilities provides better experience to the end-users and increases the demand of the TVs across the globe.

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