Skype gets upgraded with bots and Cortana integration to rival Facebook Messenger

Skype gets upgraded with bots and Cortana integration to rival Facebook Messenger

Microsoft at its Build conference revealed the future of Skype with the launch of bots and Cortana integration. The new development is apparently aimed to take on Facebook Messenger.

Artificial intelligence (AI) isn’t a new thing for Microsoft. But instead of enhancing Windows platform with some new AI efforts, the Redmond giant is deploying its resources on upgrading Skype. Thus, it announced Skype Bots preview as the latest attempt.

Skype Bots Cortana integration

Skype Bots and Cortana integration set to deliver you an advanced chatting experience

Skype Bots give you a way “to bring expertise, products, services and entertainment” directly into your messaging. There are also some Skype Video Bots that are designed to offer a completely new approach to interact through video chatting on the messaging app.

“Each Bot will enhance your Skype experience in its own way, bringing a new dimension into your everyday Skype chats by helping turn your ideas and plans into actions,” the Skype team wrote in a blog post.

Skype Bots

Skype Bots

In addition to bots, Microsoft is integrating Cortana personal digital assistant into Skype to make it as smart as the future Facebook Messenger. While Facebook is working on a proprietary personal assistant called M to enhance its Messenger, Skype will get the same Cortana power that already available on Windows platform.

With Cortana integration, Skype will let you identify some new persons, places and things right from your messages. Also, you would be able to chat with the personal assistant just as you presently talk with your friends or family members.

Cortana and Skype Bots will go hand in hand in the future to transform Microsoft’s messaging service into an advanced platform. Microsoft is additionally releasing a Skype Bots Platform that will include an SDK, API and Workflows to bring third-party developers to its new model.

Developers can join the new program to start building their own bots for the messaging app. Besides, Skype Bots preview is now available in the latest versions of Skype app for Windows, Android and iOS starting today.

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