Samsung teases with new TV design debut at CES 2013

Samsung teases with new TV design debut at CES 2013

Samsung always adopts some innovative products to gain huge share in each product line and the Korean giant while preparing for CES 2013, teases with a new TV design with featuring a portrait form-factor with a hint of translucency. The upcoming Samsung’s new TV is all set to come with unprecedented innovative technology along with unpredicted design.

Samsung TV

Samsung new TV teaser picture

On the releasing note of the upcoming television, Samsung says;

A true innovation of TV design is coming up with an unprecedented new TV shape and timeless gallery design…

As far the design of the TV is concerned, Samsung is expected to use a portrait form-factor with an unexpected aspect ratio, also there is a strong hint from the picture shown by the company that there will be a use of transparent display in the TV.

In present market, ordinary HDTVs with widescreen feature an aspect ratio of 16:9 but it is clearly shown by the picture and the quote that Samsung will unveil all new TV with an unknown aspect ratio. If the company uses any other aspect then all the high-definition (HD) devices would not compatible with the upcoming TV, so Samsung could use their sharp brain to add some innovative concept in the new TV.

Besides the aspect ratio, the resolution is also could be the stone for the company to gain high with such form-factor TV. If the company unveil a portrait TV as we are expected, the product either gain huge demand due to its unique design or a few quantity demanded as the product is new in the market. Well, we are quite sure that Samsung will use their marketing skills to promote the upcoming TV even if the demand is not much high in the initial stage of the product. So are you ready to watch television using Samsung’s upcoming new TV?

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