Samsung releases Smart TV SDK 5.0, allows to control home appliances from TVs

Samsung releases Smart TV SDK 5.0, allows to control home appliances from TVs

In a competitive step against the hometown rival LG, Samsung today released its Smart TV SDK 5.0. The new SDK enables developers to develop apps to control home appliances from any Smart TV. The development kit has some new features, such as Multi-Screen and browser-based IDE, for enhanced development.

Samsung Smart TV SDK

Samsung releases Smart TV SDK 5.0

On releasing Smart TV SDK 5.0, YoungKi Byun, Vice President of Software Research & Development Team, Samsung Electronics, said;

“With membership and SDK downloads increasing yearly, the Samsung Development Forum website is becoming one of the world’s largest TV app developer communities. We plan to provide more various platforms and improve a development environment to expand the Smart TV app ecosystem.”

The new Smart TV SDK is said to be compatible with more devices than its predecessor and gives developers easier way for development to enhance apps’ usability and performance. There are tools which enable Smart TV to control compatible home appliances, including lighting, air-conditioning and refrigerators.

Smart TV SDK 5.0 is based on Web UI Framework which allows developers to start development using HTML 5 standards. There is PNaCL technology to provide apps through various Smart TV models and even support some in-compatible variants. Besides, the new SDK has Multi-Screen and browser-based IDE which eases the operations.

Samsung Smart TV SDK 5.0 will available on Samsung Developers Forum website starting January 6. The new SDK will mainly enhance the features of all the latest Smart TVs.

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