Samsung introduces new range of Smart Cameras at CES

Samsung introduces new range of Smart Cameras at CES

Samsung has unveiled a new range of Smart Cameras at CES, even being point and shoot form-factor cameras, these cameras come with capabilities to be smart in the series. Now a question may arise, that how these cameras can be smarter than other? It is because these cameras come with Smart Camera 2.0 ecosystem which makes a connectivity with any smart device using Android or iOS platform.

Samsung Smart Camera WB250F

Samsung Smart Camera WB250F

For connecting the camera with any Android or iOS device, user have to install an app as Smart Camera app on the devices and these cameras work right through the smart devices (tablets or smartphones). The Smart Cameras come with a capability to use the device as a remote viewfinder and also enables to send or edit images right from the devices using AutoShare feature.

The new range of Smart Cameras include, WB250F/WB200F, WB800F, WB30F, DV150F and ST150F. All the range of Smart Cameras feature Wi-Fi connectivity which helps in connecting the cameras with any smartphone or tablet and Smart Camera 2.0 ecosystem bridges gap between the cameras and the devices based on Android or iOS.

In the new range of Smart Cameras, the WB250F/WB200F is presumed to be the flagship model. The Smart Camera feature 14.2MP BSI CMOS (WB250F) or CCD (WB200F) sensor with 18x of optical zoom and the lens measures at 24mm. The camera feature hybrid touch interface with touch-supportive LCD and five-way navigation controls. The all new WB250F feature pop-up Xenon flash and come in multiple color options as white, cobalt black, gun metal and red.

The second in the range, WB800F is the super-zoom camera with 21x optical zoom. The camera feature a 16.3MP BSI CMOS sensor and being used a BSI sensor, the camera is also capable to take shots even in the dark. As the flagship, the WB800F also feature full touch-support LCD and navigation control buttons on the back.

The WB30F is the new ‘mini model’ in new Smart Cameras range, the camera feature 24mm, wide-angle lens with 10x optical zooming capability. Some features as Magic Frame and Live Panorama are also being a part of the WB30F and the camera will be available in black, white, red, purple and pink.

The Smart Camera DV150F feature 1.48-inch LCD at front for taking self-portrait shots. There is a 16.2MP CCD sensor with F2.5 25 mm bright lens and 5x optical zoom. The DV150F packed in an aluminium body and going to be available in five different color options including plum, lime green and light pink.

Moving towards the last on, the ST150F feature 16.2MP CCD sensor with F2.5 aperture, 25mm Bright Lens and 5x optical zoom. The camera also come with Wi-Fi connectivity and come in four color options.

There is no official information out on the pricing and the availability of the Smart Cameras.



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