Samsung Galaxy S series smartphones passes 100 million sales

Samsung Galaxy S series smartphones passes 100 million sales

Samsung is celebrating a new achievement as the eminent Galaxy S series smartphones passes the milestone of 100 million sales recently. Samsung is one of the most renowned brand in the smartphones market and the Korean giant is becoming more and more popular by selling their impressive smartphones lineup.

Samsung Galaxy S series

Samsung Galaxy S series crosses 100 million sales record!

Samsung’s Galaxy S series flagship Android smartphones are one of the top-most smartphones ever in the world and being flagship smartphones of the company, the Korean giant always shows full concern for the marketing and the product development which makes the Galaxy S series smartphone one of the highest selling smartphones in the global market.

According to some official statistics, in the period of 2 years and 7 months after the launching the first in the series, the Galaxy S, in the month of May, 2010, the Galaxy S series passes accumulated sales record of 100 million units from the supply side. Currently, the average daily sales of the Galaxy S III is estimated at 190,000 units.

Samsung already passes a number of milestones during the year 2012, the company passes over 30 million sales record of the latest flagship, the Galaxy S III in the month of November, last year. And after that in the same month, Samsung’s renowned phablet, the Galaxy Note II reaches the milestone of over 5 millions sales record. Well, all the statistics proves the great marketing skills as well as the impressive product-built of the company which results impressive sales record in very short period of time.

Moving towards the Galaxy S series, Samsung is working thrillingly on their next Android flagship smartphone, the upcoming Galaxy S IV. The smartphone already appeared several times in the news from rumours world, however, the actual product is yet to be unveiled by the company. Reports clearly indicates that the upcoming flagship will feature one of the most impressive specifications which help the smartphone to lead in the market. We have already reported that the upcoming flagship, the Galaxy S IV is expected to be powered by a newly launched Exynos 5 Octa SoC that makes the smartphone blazing fast and for the display, it is expected to be featured a 5-inch AMOLED full-HD display which boom outs the graphics over other smartphones.

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