Samsung Galaxy S III Premium Suite upgrade now live in UK

Samsung Galaxy S III Premium Suite upgrade now live in UK

After much anticipation, Samsung at last starts rolling the awaited Premium Suite upgrade for the Galaxy S III in UK. Yes, Britain is the first country to get the live upgrade for Samsung’s Android flagship. The new suite upgrades the smartphone operating system to Android 4.1.2 (Jelly Bean) along with several new features and tweaks.

Samsung Premium Suite upgrade

Samsung Premium Suite upgrade

We have already reported about the Premium Suite upgrade and Samsung shows the promotional video in two parts to show all the features packed in the new upgrade. Users can download and install by using Kies desktop client and in case there is free of data connectivity or Wi-Fi network is available then the suite can be installed by going through the Settings > About device > Software Update, as the update is now up over-the-air as well.

On the new Premium Suite upgrade, Samsung UK states;

“Samsung is committed to providing customers with the best mobile experience by continuously offering an operating system upgrade for its devices. As part of this effort, Samsung has recently provided the Jelly Bean 4.1 upgrade for the Galaxy S III, and will bring even more enhanced features to the phone through the upcoming Premium Suite upgrade. Consumers around the world have already enjoyed the elegant intelligence that the Galaxy S III brings to their lives and the Premium Suite package takes this to a higher level.”

The new upgrade also enhances the Galaxy S III with several adopted features from the phablet, Galaxy Note II. Some features such as Paper Artist, Low Light Shot, Best Face and Multi Window makes the Galaxy S III more closer to the Galaxy Note II.

Take a look at the complete list of new features added in the Premium Suite upgrade:Multi Window:

  • Multi Window: Effortlessly utilise two different applications side-by-side simultaneously for an ultimate multitasking experience;
  • Fun and Easy Photo Experience: Through Samsung Gallery, view more photos at the same time and also intuitively create and categorise photos and videos. Paper Artist app offers a variety of fun and creative picture-taking effects. It also provides intuitive emotional photo editing functions such as the brush coloring tool;
  • Group Cast: With Group Cast on the Galaxy S III and a Wi-Fi network, share and collaborate on documents, presentations or images in real-time with multiple friends or colleagues without loading the file separately. This is now a stand-alone app, rather than part of Allshare Play, making it is easier to access;
  • Contextual Awareness:
      -Smart Rotation: the device detects and recognises the user’s face, automatically rotating the screen direction to adjust to the user’s face position
      -Contextual Tag: tag friends/location/date to the photos/videos/voice memo taken or recorded
      -Contextual Page: the device detects when the earphones are plugged in, automatically opening up the music player
  • Auto Share Shot Pairing using NFC:By setting the camera to ‘Auto Share Shot’ mode, quickly share photos and videos by simply tapping the Galaxy S III with other NFC and S-Beam enabled devices;
  • Camera Enhancements:
      -With the new ‘Best Face’ feature, an improved version of the previous Best Photo feature, choose from five continuous shots the best face of each person in the photo, to create an image that satisfies everyone
      -Low light mode is added to allow bright and sharp photos to be captured even in dark places
      -Capture amazing scenery by using Panorama mode, now expanded to 340~360-degree.

Beside these new features, Samsung also added several other tweaks and improvements to ease the end users. Such improvements include Continuous Input, AllShare Cast, Smart Dock and S Beam. The new suite also enhances the touch response as well.

As the upgrade now live in UK, some other regions will of course join the upgrade soon. However, there is no official information on the availability of the Premium Suite upgrade in several other regions including India, but we are sure that the upgrade will reach to all the major regions in the first quarter of the year 2013. So just wait for the official update for your Samsung Galaxy S III smartphone.


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