Samsung Galaxy S II soon to get Android Jelly Bean update, details out

Samsung Galaxy S II soon to get Android Jelly Bean update, details out

Samsung Galaxy S II soon getting Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) update and the report is not a rumour, it is confirmed and detailed by Samsung Korea’s website. The Jelly Bean update is going to be one of the major update for the smartphone as it will feature a number of new tweaks and improvements for the Galaxy S II. The update will be available through Kies, no over-the-air (OTA) will be available.

Samsung Galaxy S II

Samsung Galaxy S II going to taste Jelly Bean soon!

The Jelly Bean update will bring Google’s Project Butter on the Galaxy S II which enhance all the operations and make the smartphone more smoother to use. Beside the Project Butter, the update also pack with some new pre-installed apps such as Google+, Flickr, Play Movies and Play Books, however, the apps will vary from region to region.

Along with addition of new apps, the Jelly Bean update will also bring some features identical to the elder sibling, the Galaxy S III, such as Smart Stay, Pop-up Play and Pause while recording video. Samsung will also add Block mode for disabling notifications and Easy Mode to simplified the user experience for the first-time smartphone owners.

Samsung Galaxy S II Jelly Bean update

Samsung Galaxy S II Jelly Bean update details

The Jelly Bean update will reduce the internal storage from 12GB to 11GB, the 1GB part will be used by system partition. The update will be proceed in three stages from the backup of contents in the initial stage to the restoring of contents in the final stage. It is also advisable to perform a manual backup before starting the update process. The update will re-order all the apps and some system settings will also be changed after the update. However, there is no detail on the space of the update but Samsung states that the update process will take an hour or even above as the update will also backup and restore user data.

Samsung Galaxy S II was earlier released in the MWC, two years ago and being a flagship smartphone of Samsung, the company is still supporting the device. This simply shows another aspect of Samsung’s dedication towards their marketing strategy and their customer support. Samsung promised about the Jelly Bean update during last year along with a number of other devices in the company’s Galaxy lineup and the Galaxy Note 10.1 already starts getting Android Jelly Bean in India and UK. However, there is no official word on update till now, of course we will update more as and when some information out, so stay tuned.

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